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Spinley's blacksmith  
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Daniel McIntyre's cobblery shop  

Early Pioneers

Pioneers of Kaukapakapa who settled here priot to 31st December, 1873:

Mr Andrew Bonnar
Mrs Edith Bonnar
Mr Gavin B Shanks
Mr John Murray
Mrs Fanny Murray
Mr William Naughton
Mrs Mary Naughton
Mr William Lee
Mrs Mary Lee
Dr John Stewart
Mrs Elizabeth Stewart
Capt A Thompson
Mr George W Murray
Mrs Eliza Murray
Mr Ralph Osbaldiston
Mrs Sarah Osbaldiston
Mr John Lee
Mrs Jane Lee
Mr John Hutchinson
Mrs Louisia Hutchinson
Mr Frank Dye
Mrs Agnes Dye
Mr Morris Henley
Mr WIlliam Goodwin
Mrs Jane Goodwin
Mr William Paine
Mrs Charlotte Paine
Mr Marsh Hudson
Mrs Annie E Hudson
Mr George Dye
Mrs Eleanor Dye
Capt William Dawson
Mrs Caroline Dawson
Mr Samuel S Rapson
Mrs Ellen Rapson
Mr William Drinnan
Mrs Janet Drinnan
Mr Robert Sinclair
Mrs Harriet Sinclair
Mr John Sinclair
Mrs Mary Sinclair
Rev Thomas j Jagger
Mrs Mary Jagger
Mr Henry Marks
Mrs Fanny Marks
Mr Charles SImcock
Mrs Anne SImcock
Mr Joseph Simcock
Mrs Flora Simcock
Mr Martin Walsh
Mrs Margaret Walsh
Mr S D Rikys
Mrs Emily Rikys
Mr John Drinnan
Mrs Hannah Drinnan
Capt Whyte
Mrs Whyte
Mr George Rix
Mr William Walsh
Mrs Lucy Walsh
Mr William Sterling
Mr W Stavers
Mr W Bonnar
Mr Andrew Brown

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