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Society Sponsors

Relocating the Helensville Museum to the Helensville Riverside Reserve was a project whose demands on the Society’s resources, both financial and human, were not fully appreciated until work began in the latter part of 2003.

The fact that, in early 2006, we have finally re-opened the (enlarged) museum is a tribute both to the generosity of our financial supporters and the selfless dedication of our volunteer workers who, collectively, have given thousands of man (and woman)-hours in what has been a huge undertaking.

Our heartfelt thanks to them and our suppliers and contractors, who in many cases far exceeded our expectations, as did those professionals we have consulted.

But without our major sponsors in this relocation project, some of whom have made multiple grants, we could have done nothing. We’re proud to list them here, in alphabetical order:

  • Alpha Charitable Trust
  • Hec Aitkenhead
  • ASB Charitable Trust
  • Community Post (Northland), NZ Post Ltd
  • Duke of Albany Lodge, Helensville
  • A & J Hargreaves
  • Helensville Indoor Bowls Club
  • Hibiscus Community Trust
  • Keystone Trust
  • Lions Club of Helensville
  • NZ Lottery Grants Board
  • The late Hec Nicholls
  • Paeroa Homestead Trust
  • Parakai Licensing Trust
  • Pub Charity
  • R & R Recyclers, Helensville
  • Rodney District Council
  • Sky City Auckland Community Trust
  • The Lion Foundation
  • The Trusts’ Charitable Foundation

…and the following for donating their products/services:

Andy’s Advertising Agency, Beresford Timber Treatments, B Bradly, R Bradly, S Bradly, Eurovision Building Removals Ltd, Fencing Just Right, Helensville Drainage, Helensville Glass, Helensville Hire Centre, J & H Contractors, Kaipara Coast Plant Centre, M Kriletich, R McKeown, Oikoumene Forest Ltd, S Olsen, S Phillips, H Ryan, A F Scott (deceased), D Steele and Swale Earthmovers.

Special thanks to our members and the South Kaipara community for their support, which is enabling the Society to create an ever more valuable community asset of which it is honoured to be the custodial guardian.

We are also very grateful for the generosity of members and friends who have made donations to help us in special projects, such as the purchase (2005) of old documents on railways history. Thanks to Barbara Waller, Gene Geraghty, Ross and Pat Hughes, Hans Van Duyn, Greville Walker, Colleen Thompson, Doug Greenman , Joyce McCracken and an anonymous donor who offered to back this project.

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